Alyssa Jordan Music

Alyssa's session was full of fun, florals, and so many smiles...

If you know Alyssa, or listen to her music, you know she is full of life and light just radiates off of her so much! Alyssa's session was full of her beautiful energy and it was such a joy to capture these moments.

If you're a musician looking for some new content, either for your socials or for your album art, consider reaching out to us today. We would love to set something up with you and help make your vision come to life. Below are some tips that I have for your next branding session as a musician!

Tips for the Musical Artist's Next Photo Session

Match the Vibe

Do you have an album coming out, or perhaps a rebrand with your music? Let's communicate your vibe of the song through your photos! We can totally add some more traditional and neutral-toned photos in there, but having a theme and sticking with it can be really fun when taking photos!

Bring Multiple Outfits

This goes for almost any shoot, but especially one where you're trying to get in a lot of different looks to mix up your feed! You get more out of your photo shoot by doing this, and it helps with getting the creative juices flowing more!

Don't Forget Your Instrument

If you're a singer, obvs bring yourself! (Don't worry I won't make you sing, only if you wanted to!) Add your strings or whatever instrument you play to your session. I love incorporating your passions into a branding session and with your instrument, it helps share your story.

Let's make some beautiful art!

You don't need to know what you're doing, I will help you every step of the way. :)