Celebrated another trip around the sun!

My birthday is in June...

and when I celebrated I was def in my feels because if you remember, the Olivia Rodrigo album was just released! It def made all who listened to it feel that teenage angst come up again lol. Iykyk. That's kind of what helped inspire my 23rd birthday photoshoot, was that album. I decided to wear a purple band tee to commemorate another artist. The yellow smiley face balloons reminded me of a shoot I always wanted to do when I was back in my high school photography class. And the cake, well it was my birthday after all. :)

Most people usually always see me smiling and happy, because I am most always joyful! But for this shoot, I allowed myself to not smile at the camera the whole time. I wanted this photo shoot to document my mixed emotions of turning another year older in the turbulent twenties.

TBH about HBD...

If you're awkward like me when it comes to birthdays, a photo shoot might be best for you.

I know what you're thinking... "Austyn... you can't be serious? If I'm awks in person, how will I not be awkward in front of a camera?"

Well at least my experience with it is, is that with a good photographer, photoshoots don't actually show any of the "awkwardness". :) So as weird as it might feel, it still turns out looking great!

Would you believe me if I told you I STRUGGLE with getting my photos done and not feeling awkward lol. It's not a normal part of life for most people to have a fancy looking camera in their face.

It is OKAY to feel a tad nervous, during your sesh I do my best to check-in, make sure you're comfortable and having fun! :)

Overall, this shoot was a lot of fun and I enjoyed taking these portraits. It might seem like a strange thing to have photos of yourself taken for your birthday, but it honestly is such a fun way to document your trip around the sun. Life's moments are fleeting and it's sweet to see the growth you have endured year to year.