1.Consider the Location

Where you get ready for the day matters. You want to make sure that the place you are getting ready in emotionally comforts you and provides you with enough personal space. Consider booking a venue that is on premise to your wedding location or nearby to where you are getting married, to subside any anxiety that may come with longer commutes.

2.Stay Hydrated. Eat Well.

You've probably already heard this a million times, and you will certainly hear it again on your wedding day, but it's so important: nourish yourself. Even though you probably won't feel like eating, having a cup of chamomile tea to soothe those jitters and a healthy breakfast to keep your energy levels strong throughout the day is so valuable.

3.Clearly Communicate

If you envision your wedding day a certain way, communicate to your wedding planner, your wedding party and anyone who is able to help you make that vision come to life. Even though you might not want to ask for certain things on your wedding day, it is important to clearly communicate your vision to your loved ones so everyone is on the same page.

4.Make a Plan

Hiring a wedding planner and making sure people are on the same page is important for the day to run smoothly, including the morning of your wedding. If you have a schedule, stick to it, but also budget some time for things to go... awry. I know we don't like to think that way, but things happen that we don't always foresee, it's nice to have some buffer time in there to ease people's nerves.

5.Alter your Atmosphere

Play music you love. You will feel more emotionally balanced if you have your favorite playlist on. Consider including the calming scents of aromatherapy or your favorite candle while getting ready. Have the wedding party tidy up the room (this helps for photos immensely!). The way you alter your atmosphere to best fit your vibe is completely up to you. Remember, this is your day.

6.Pamper Yourself

Make sure you get your beauty rest in the night before. While getting ready the morning of your wedding, consider wearing a comfortable silk robe, not only will this look great for getting ready photos, it will also help ensure no imprints from your undergarments/clothing are on your skin.

7.Consider your Circle

The people who you allow into your wedding party is completely up to you. By now hopefully you realize that the wedding day is about you and your love. Release those people-pleasing tendencies and choose the people who are most important to you, who you want to be there.

8.Cherish each Moment

Embrace the present moment each and every day but certainly on your wedding day. The day you've spent months preparing for will fly by. You've dreamt of this day for so long and I am here to capture it. Breathe deep...smile...this is the day you marry your best friend.