When do I receive my photos? I always try my absolute best to give a sneak peek of your session within 24 hours of the photo shoot. For weddings, I guarantee the photos to be edited and delivered within one month. For all other photo sessions I have a guaranteed delivery within two weeks of your session.

How many pictures will I receive? This really comes down to a few different factors: cooperation, weather, and other unforeseeable, yet possible run-ins. I aim to deliver at least 50 images per session, and for weddings it really depends on if you hire a second photographer, how many hours you hired me for, and how long your event is. I tend to overdeliver (because if I have cute photos, WHY wouldn't I share them with you all?!) I haven't ever had clients concerned about not receiving "enough" photos from their session.

What should I wear to my photo session? I say wear what represents you best! If you are unsure about what to wear, talk to me and I can definitely send you some suggestions. Overall, I recommend staying away from busy patterns, as those don't always tend to photograph best on camera. I also suggest wearing more neutral tones for most sessions, but again do what best shows off your personality! :)

How many people can be in a family session? I don't necessarily have a limit to how many people can be in the photo session, but there may be additional fees added depending on the circumstances. I love photographing families!

Do you travel for photography? Heck YES! I love to travel and it would be such an honor to photograph for you! *Travel fees may apply.

How do you describe your editing style? True to color hues with warm undertones, slightly moody, raw & real. I'd say I've come a loooong way in such a short time with my editing game. I definitely see the value in editing with a naturally timeless way, while adding just a little bit of *spice*. ;)

What gear do you use? I still work with my Nikon D3500 and am looking into adding a second camera body by the summer of 2021 (possibly the D750 or D850). I also LOVE my Sigma Prime Art Lens - my 35mm never leaves my camera's body & I also shoot with an 85mm for those extra creamy bokeh portraits. And I still have my handy dandy 18-55mm kit lens that will always be special to me, because it's what I built this brand with for the first half of the year in business!

What's your favorite time of day to shoot? 1) Golden hour. 2) Golden Hour. 3) Golden Hour. (Can you tell I LOVE golden hour?!) Hahaha, okay, but in all seriousness, I am flexible to do what works best for you. I've photographed in all types of lighting, but natural light during either morning or evening golden hour is my all-time favorite. And I almost alwayyyys recommend us shooting in the evening golden hour if possible. :)