When do I receive my photos?

You can expect your sneak peeks from your gallery within 48 hours of your session. Wedding galleries are delivered within four weeks of your beautiful day and all other sessions are delivered within two weeks of photo shoot.

How many pictures will I receive?

Lucky for you, I deliver all the best shots! Typically for an hour session, that means you will receive around 75 high-resolution downloadables. Just keep in mind, each session is unique and there are many factors that can alter the amount of images delivered (weather, cooperation, outfit changes, etc...).

Do you have watermarks on your images?

Nope! :) All photos sent are high-resolution downloadable images. Just be sure to tag @infullbloom.photo on Instagram and In Full Bloom Designs and Photography on Facebook. If you don't mind sharing a review on our socials or Google Page (In Full Bloom Photography) it certainly brightens our day.

What should I wear to my photo session?

I say wear what represents you best! If you are unsure about what to wear, talk to me and I can definitely send you some suggestions. Overall, I recommend staying away from busy patterns, as those don't always tend to photograph best on camera. I also suggest wearing more neutral tones for most sessions, but again do what best shows off your personality!

How many people can be in a family session?

I don't necessarily have a limit to how many people can be in the photo session, but there may be additional fees added depending on the circumstances (i.e. extended family sessions). I understand that all families are unique and vary in size, so that's why I don't charge per family member. :)

Do you travel for photography?

Absolutely! If I can reasonably fit it in my busy schedule I am happy to make the drive or flight. *Additional travel fees vary

How do you describe your editing style?

True to color hues with warm undertones, slightly moody, raw & real. When you see my photos I want you to look at them and think "Austyn took that photo" :)

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I do! If your wedding venue needs to see any information please just let me know.

What gear do you use?

I work with Nikon camera bodies and a collection of Sigma Prime Art Lenses. If you have any questions about my gear and back-up process, please feel free to just ask!

What's your favorite time of day to shoot?

I absolutely prefer golden hour whenever it works out! Golden hour ranges throughout the year, but a good rule of thumb is shooting an hour before the sun sets. I am comfortable shooting in a wide range of different lighting, but just know that some source of light is essential for photos to come out looking good. Depending on the circumstance, this may mean I will need to use my flash (but don't worry it adds a really fun vibe to the photos!).